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How much does it cost to participate?

You may paddle as often or as little as you like, and the first 2 paddles are free to guests.
The regular fees are as follows:
Annual Club Dues - $5.00
Annual CORA (Canadian Outrigger Racing Association Fee - $30.00
Pay per paddle - $5.00
Pay for 6 months - $85.00
Pay for 1 year - $160.00

Do I need my own paddle?

Paddles & Life jackets are provided.
Paddlers are responsible for wearing appropriate clothing for all weather conditions.
Boats are equipped with safety gear.

Where do I find a schedule for paddles?

Members have access to a group calendar to sign up to paddle when it's convenient for them.
New paddlers should call the contact number for information

What kind of training should I have?

Any previous experience is an asset but not a requirement. You will need to know how to swim, and should have some upper body strength. Part of Outrigger canoeing is partaking in a Huli exercise where the boat is flipped with paddlers in it, then righted again.
This practice prepares paddlers in the event of an unplanned capsize. Each paddler in the boat will have a task to complete and you will have to pull yourself back into the boat. We practice this many times in the summer when the water is delightfully warm! Its fun and necessary.

How many boats are there?

Our club (S.L.C.C.) owns 2 boats, an OC6 (six seats) and an OC4 (four seats)

How long do you paddle for?

Typically the paddles are scheduled for one hour. Depending on weather and the day, there is often the opportunity to partake in a longer one, but that decision is made by the group before leaving the dock.

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